Teen Book Club

Chasing the Spotlight

Sarah Anne Sumpolec

FROM THE BOOK JACKET: Amelias feeling a bit lost these days. Her parents are very involved (make that over-involved) volunteering as marriage counselors with their church. Her big brother Josh, the only one who truly understands her, just got married. And her big sister, Maggie? Lets just say they dont exactly get along. Maggie is perfectly pretty, perfectly smart, and dates the perfect guy.

On the other hand, everything about Amelia feels bigher hair, her weight . . . and her personality. Amelias refuge, her passion, her place of belonging is theater. Someday shes going to be on Broadway, but this year, shell settle for the lead in the spring musical. And shell do whatever it takes to make it happen. Shes committed, shes motivated, shes talentedand shes completely confident about her abilities. Really, she is!

But somehow, despite her best efforts, reality is playing out a little differently than how she dreamed. Will chasing the spotlight lead to the fame and fulfillment shes longed for, or will it cost her the friends shes made this year?

AUTHOR INFO: My name is Sarah and I write books for teens, with the occasional book offering for tweens (middle schoolers!). I write stories that will uplift you, make you smile and maybe make you cry a little. After all, thats what I love in a great story, too!

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